Thursday, November 30, 2023

University Hospitals Enhances Employee Engagement with Signagelive Digital Signage.

Cleveland-based University Hospitals Empowers Healthcare Professionals with Innovative Signagelive System

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Cleveland, OH – In a bid to streamline communication and show unwavering support for its 5,000 healthcare professionals, University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, has introduced a cutting-edge Signagelive digital signage network. This innovative initiative spans across the University Hospitals’ 21 facilities and boasts a remarkable 82 screens and 80 BrightSign devices, creating a centralized platform for essential employee communications. This transformative system has revolutionized the way the hospital keeps its dedicated staff informed about crucial initiatives, events, health-related policies, news updates, and heartwarming patient stories.

Bridging the Communication Gap

Before the implementation of Signagelive, University Hospitals faced a significant challenge in effectively communicating with their healthcare professionals. With most of their time dedicated to patient care, traditional digital communication methods proved ineffective. Josh Petro, Unified Communications Architect at University Hospitals, explains, “Ninety percent of their time is actually spent helping patients. This made traditional digital communications pretty ineffective for us.”

A Solution Tailored to University Hospitals’ Needs

Recognizing the potential of digital signage in the hospital’s cafeterias, University Hospitals sought a system that was simple, intuitive, and mobile. “From an IT perspective, it needed to have a single pane glass, where we could look at all aspects of both players, content, and management of the content that allows us to put things out there effectively,” says Petro. Signagelive was the ideal choice for University Hospitals, meeting all their criteria.

Signagelive’s Centralized Platform

Signagelive’s centralized platform empowers teams to create, manage, and schedule content to one, some, or all screens in the network from anywhere, making it a versatile and practical solution.

Proving ROI and Cost-Savings

University Hospitals quickly realized a return on investment with Signagelive. The automated updates of doctor directories and the system’s smooth operation have resulted in significant cost-savings. Moreover, the use of QR codes to measure content impact provides stakeholders with valuable data to assess the system’s value.

Employee Appreciation and Patient Stories

In addition to keeping staff informed, University Hospitals leverages the cloud-based digital signage to express employee appreciation. Sharing inspiring patient stories underlines the profound impact healthcare professionals have on their patients’ lives during challenging times. Petro highlights, “You’re touching a person when they’re at the worst time of their life, potentially.”

Future Expansion and Patient-Facing Applications

University Hospitals has plans to expand the Signagelive network further. They are considering deploying additional Signagelive-powered meeting room digital signage, which seamlessly integrates with Barco ClickShare for wireless collaboration. The hospital also envisions extending the system to patient-facing areas, utilizing it for wayfinding and promoting additional patient services to boost revenue streams.

Advice from the Expert

For organizations contemplating digital signage, Petro offers this advice: “Do your research and make sure that you understand the capabilities of the companies you’re considering using. Not all assigned vendors are created equal, and we definitely found that out. So, don’t be afraid to ask for as many proofs of concepts as you need to ensure that the platform you choose definitely fits the needs of your organization. Any decision you make should be led by the business and its ultimate objectives.”

With Signagelive, University Hospitals has not only improved communication within its vast healthcare community but has also demonstrated its commitment to employee engagement, cost-efficiency, and patient care. The digital signage solution proves to be a game-changer in the healthcare sector, promising a brighter and more connected future for University Hospitals’ dedicated healthcare professionals.

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