Thursday, November 30, 2023

St John’s College Enhances School Communication with TrilbyTV

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Cardiff – In an era where effective communication is pivotal in the education sector, St John’s College in Cardiff, South Wales, has set a remarkable example of leveraging digital signage to enhance the educational experience of its students. Through their partnership with TrilbyTV, a leading digital signage platform designed for educational institutions, St John’s College has transformed the way they share information, celebrate achievements, and build a sense of community within their school.

St John’s College, known for its commitment to excellence in education, has taken a bold step by incorporating digital signage into their daily operations. According to Francis Taylor, Assistant Head of Admissions and External Relations at St John’s College, the impact of TrilbyTV on their school has been profound. Taylor highlighted how TrilbyTV has been instrumental in communicating with students, from nursery to the Sixth form, fostering a strong sense of belonging and connection within the institution.

One of the key aspects of TrilbyTV that St John’s College finds invaluable is its ease of use. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows staff and students alike to create and update dynamic content effortlessly. It enables the school to tailor information to specific audiences, ensuring that students are well-informed about daily school activities and enabling the sharing of important information with the wider school community.

Laura Taylor, Head of the Junior School, emphasized the benefits of being a Google School when using TrilbyTV. “As a Google school, it’s really helpful for us to use Google slides to embed on the system, and this means that staff and children can update them with ease,” she explained.

Furthermore, TrilbyTV has significantly streamlined communication efforts within the school. The platform has enabled St John’s College to display student work, advertise school concerts, and promote events effectively, thereby strengthening connections with the broader community.

Visual communication has played a transformative role in the way school information is shared at St John’s College. Students’ creations are celebrated on the digital screens, providing them with a platform to showcase their work and talents. Thara, a Year 11 student at the college, expressed her pride in contributing to the digital signage: “I’ve managed to put out a poster on the screens across the school that promotes our event, which I find really useful. More pupils have been excited about it, and whenever I see it, I feel proud as well.”

TrilbyTV’s versatility and ease of use have allowed multiple staff members to share ownership of the platform. Francis Taylor summed up the impact of TrilbyTV, stating, “For what you get as a solution with unlimited screens and so much functionality, it represents huge value for money, and I would encourage any school considering digital signage to take up TrilbyTV and I would recommend it wholeheartedly.”

In conclusion, St John’s College has demonstrated how TrilbyTV has revolutionized communication within their institution, fostering a sense of unity among students, staff, and visitors. Their journey with TrilbyTV exemplifies the importance of digital signage in the education sector, providing a roadmap for other schools seeking to enhance their communication and engagement efforts.

To learn more about TrilbyTV and how it can help your school transform communication, visit the TrilbyTV website at

About TrilbyTV

TrilbyTV is the leading digital signage platform designed specifically for educational institutions. With a mission to improve whole-school communication, boost community cohesion among staff and students, and enhance parental engagement, TrilbyTV offers an easy-to-use and affordable solution suitable for schools of all sizes. Its array of features makes it an ideal choice for schools looking to transform their communication strategies.

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