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Hamad International Airport’s 1.2 Kilometer Digital Ribbon Wins Digital Signage Award

Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha, Qatar, has recently been recognized at the Digital Signage Awards, clinching the ‘Large-Format Digital Canvases’ category for its distinctive digital ribbon installation. This award highlights the airport’s innovative approach to enhancing traveler experience through the integration of technology and design within its premises.

The awarded feature, a 1.2-kilometer-long digital ribbon, is a key component of The Orchard, HIA’s indoor tropical garden. It is celebrated for its immersive visual experience, showcasing over 169 million pixels that animate themes from luxurious botanicals to cultural motifs, reflecting Qatar’s heritage. This digital installation is designed to enrich the environment of The Orchard, engaging passengers with high-resolution displays that seamlessly blend technology with natural beauty.

The Orchard itself, revealed to the public in November 2022, covers an area of 6,000 square meters and is home to a variety of sustainable plant species sourced globally. The introduction of the digital ribbon into this space serves not only as an aesthetic enhancement but also transforms the airport’s commercial areas into more immersive and interactive environments.

This initiative was brought to life through a collaboration with Moment Factory, a multimedia studio renowned for its creative multimedia ecosystems. This partnership underscores HIA’s commitment to leveraging creative technology to redefine spatial experiences and elevate the passenger journey.

The Digital Signage Awards are held annually, recognizing excellence and innovation in digital signage projects worldwide. HIA’s achievement in this category underscores its position as a leader in the integration of digital art within airport environments, aiming to create unique and memorable experiences for its travelers.

This recognition is a testament to Hamad International Airport’s dedication to blending aesthetic and technological advancements to enhance the traveler’s experience, further establishing its reputation as a forward-thinking and passenger-centric airport.

To know more visit https://momentfactory.com/work/all/all/doha

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