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Wireless Ronin Technologies Honored for Work with KFC

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Minneapolis-based digital signage pioneer, Wireless Ronin Technologies, Inc., has made headlines once again by securing three prestigious awards at the Digital Signage Expo 2008 (DSE). The accolades were presented during a ceremony held on February 27th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, marking a significant achievement for the company and its high-profile clients, including KFC, Ford Motor Company, and Carnival Corporation.

Jeffrey Mack, the President and CEO of Wireless Ronin, expressed immense pride in the company’s achievement, stating, “We are very honored to be the recipient of three of the six prestigious awards handed out at our premier industry event.” This recognition is not new to Wireless Ronin, which has now claimed five of the past 12 awards given at DSE, highlighting the company’s dominant presence and innovation in the digital signage industry.

Among the 58 nominations received for 2008, Wireless Ronin’s projects stood out in three key categories. KFC was recognized for Environmental Design Integration, Ford Motor Company was celebrated for Interactivity Innovation with its Ford SYNC program, and Carnival Corporation took top honors in the Hospitality category. These awards underscore Wireless Ronin’s ability to deliver cutting-edge digital signage solutions across diverse industries.

KFC’s award-winning project involved the integration of RoninCast® digital menu boards into their stores, enhancing menu board advertising with dynamic video and animation. This innovation not only modernizes the in-store experience but also simplifies the process of updating pricing and product offerings from a centralized location.

Ford’s SYNC program, an innovative touch screen technology, was hailed for its interactive presentation of the new SYNC system to customers. This collaboration between Wireless Ronin, Alteris Group, and Ford illustrates a forward-thinking approach to customer engagement, using technology to enrich the buying experience.

Carnival Corporation’s award in the Hospitality category highlighted the effective use of RoninCast digital signage in their shipboard casinos, enhancing the gaming environment and providing guests with updated information and promotions in an attractive and efficient manner. This deployment showcases the versatility of Wireless Ronin’s solutions in improving customer experiences and operational efficiency.

The Digital Signage Expo, the largest international tradeshow dedicated to digital signage and related technologies, showcases the latest innovations in the industry. The awards, judged by a panel of industry experts, recognize outstanding achievements in digital signage solutions.

Wireless Ronin Technologies continues to lead the way in digital signage innovation with its comprehensive RoninCast® software solution. Designed to meet the evolving needs of the digital signage market, RoninCast® enables efficient management and customization of digital signage networks, offering a range of services including consulting, creative development, and project management.

For more information on Wireless Ronin Technologies and their award-winning digital signage solutions, visit update: In 2014 Wireless Ronin Technologies acquired by Creative Realities, so external links to Wireless Ronin websites are disabled.

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