New Release of Omni-Channel Platform Makes Marketing to Consumers Easier and Customized

| December 17, 2013

eConcierge Content Management System from Livewire DigitalDifferentiate your business from its competitors with Livewire Digital’s new release of an integrated marketing solution for digital signage, kiosk, and mobile applications that makes interactions with consumers more customized than ever.

Livewire Digital, which has offices in York, PA, and Denver, CO, announces the release of Version 2.0 of its integrated marketing solution for digital signage, kiosk, and mobile applications that makes interactions with consumers more customized than ever. The eConcierge® Content Management System combines marketing and IT to connect, engage, and influence the intended audience, thus creating more relevant consumer experiences.

Many are familiar with the term multi-channel marketing, which means your brand is available on various channels, such as retailer, web site, direct mail catalog, and social media. Omni-channel marketing takes reaching potential and existing customers at every channel to a new level because it includes customization and optimization for each channel. The “always addressable customer” wants a relationship and to be treated the same in all channels. They expect the marketing they receive to know where their “conversation” last ended with a company and expect that they are reminded of that no matter where they interact with that company again. Companies that implement omni-channel marketing often experience increased ROI (return on investment) because of their holistic understanding of the consumer behavior path. They realize the benefit of having an engaging conversation with a consumer across all their “screens” (television, smartphone, computer and tablet).

Creating such a strategy requires significant planning, a smart digital strategy, and strong execution. Awareness, consistency, and tracking are key components of this type of strategy. Livewire Digital’s eConcierge® Content Management System offers the capability to capture consumer data with seamless execution and provides the opportunity to automate future conversations that are customized to a consumer. David McCracken, CEO, shares, “Using an integrated marketing solution helps differentiate your company from your competitors because it allows you to have meaningful interactions with your customers throughout their customer cycle. This gives companies a better position in a highly competitive business environment, strengthens a brand, increases profits, and so much more.”

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About Livewire Digital

Livewire is the Power to Connect, creating software solutions for kiosks, digital signage, and mobile applications, all managed from its eConcierge® Content Management System. Livewire’s many turnkey solutions increase revenue and productivity for its customers, while lowering overhead and providing seamless integration. Livewire provides cutting-edge software, hardware consulting, and system integration, bringing the necessary puzzle pieces together to increase customer engagement and create a better end-user experience.

Simply put, Livewire builds kiosk software that elevates your experience and exceeds your expectations.

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