DV Signage Expands POP Signage Range with New 23″ LCD and Network Connectivity Options

| July 8, 2013

DV Signage POPSTYLE Retail Digital MerchandisingDV Signage expands POPSTYLE retail signage range with new 10″, 15″, 23″ LCD display and options for touch screen & network update.

Digital View’s signage division has expanded its POPSTYLE range of all-in-one retail digital signage merchandising displays to include 10”, 15” & 23” LCDs, all with options for touch screens and either USB or network content update.

Launched specifically for the Point of Purchase (POP) Industry – the lightweight and slimline POPSTYLE products finally offer brands and retailers a professional quality, reliable in-store video solution at the right price point.

Unlike an off-the-shelf picture frame, the POPSTYLE products are designed for 24/7 use.

The displays have been selected for optimum visibility in retail environments, with high brightness and extra wide viewing angle. There are no buttons to press and no set up required, video content fires up immediately when powered and the ultra-reliable solid state ViewStream media player guarantees 100,000 hours of quality, trouble-free playback.

The enclosure is fully pre-configured and ready to be installed into any custom retail furniture, FSDU or shelf-edge promotional scheme. The flexible metal front bezel can be adjusted to mount a touch screen or easily removed for ‘open frame’ mounting wings to be added.

Content and playlists are managed and scheduled using the free DV Studio software. It is then updated either using a USB stick, or with the network option across a LAN using simple ‘drag and drop’ or internet connection using DropBox or FTP technology.

For interactive and more complex kiosk solutions, the POPSTYLE products are offered with touch screens and other engagement devices (such as motion sensors, barcode readers, buttons and directional audio). All interactive selections are automatically recorded internally within the media player and can be collected for market feedback and field reporting.

With over 200,000 digital merchandising systems in the field, Digital View Signage is a proven supplier of retail media technology Its ViewStream and VideoFlyer products have been widely used in point of sale projects for high profile clients such as Proctor&Gamble, Nokia, L’Oreal, TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss, Unilever, Coca Cola, Philip Morris, Hasbro & Bosch.

For more information see: http://dvsignage.com/popstyle-home

About DV Signage

Established in 2011 out of Digital View Group (http://www.digitalview.com), Digital View’s signage division focuses on retail merchandizing and digital signage solutions.  Alongside its small format and shelf-edge solutions, DV Signage also manufactures a range of outdoor large format digital signage and wayfinding solutions. With over 200,000 signage solutions in the field, it is a market leader and renowned global innovator.

The company operates local sales and support worldwide from Morgan Hill in California London & Hong Kong.  Product is available through DV Signage’s specialist sales channels and traditional AV resellers.  For further information please visit http://www.dvsignage.com

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