NNAV Announces Partnership with NEC at Solutions Showcase 2013

| May 9, 2013

NEC Showcase_Liam Norris, Business Manager at NNAVA first for NEC, this trade partnership means innovative videowalls and large format displays will be available to pre-order or buy through NNAV immediately after the event at reduced prices

NEC Display Solutions and Nearly New AV (NNAV), the professionals’ source for high-quality used AV equipment, have announced an exciting new partnership that will see the sale of all videowall and large format displays demonstrated at the upcoming NEC Solutions Showcase, taking  place on 16th May at Tobacco Dock in London. The Showcase will feature brand new displays for one day only, creating a unique opportunity for NNAV customers anywhere in the world to purchase the latest, high quality products straight away, at a significantly lower cost of buying new. NNAV will be present at the Showcase offering interested buyers the option to pre-order and purchase products on the day.

Collaborating with technology to create solutions, the NEC Solutions Showcase is dedicated to presenting the latest advances in display technology across key vertical sectors. All videowall products and a selection of large format displays will be available to browse and buy on the NNAV website immediately after the event closes. NNAV will leverage its extensive network of contacts in the UK and Europe, as well as emerging markets, including United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states, to ensure the quick sale of the displays.

Neil Hartigan, Channel Director, NEC Display Solutions, said, “This is the first time we’ve entered a sales agreement like this but it makes complete sense and will provide benefits to both parties. I think it’s a fantastic concept that everyone should take into consideration. We are looking forward to partnering with NNAV at the next Showcase. The business is established, has great contacts and is leading the way in the marketplace for buying and selling used AV equipment.”

Commenting on the partnership with NEC, Liam Norris, Business Manager at NNAV said, “NEC is renowned for designing and manufacturing products that stand the test of time. These videowalls and large format displays appearing at the 2013 Showcase will have only been used for one day and are literally brand ‘fresh out of the box’ new. By partnering with us, NEC will benefit from a specialist, reliable service unlike any other that adds value back into the business by helping them get a good return, whilst increasing market share and flexibility at the same time.”

NNAV’s motto “Deals this good don’t last long” is reflective of the short, fast paced sales environment and demonstrates just how quickly products can be sold on from suppliers to buyers in a diverse range of vertical markets. On the vibrant NNAV web platform, customers can browse an array of fresh and current technologies, at heavily reduced prices, to fit any budget. By buying from NNAV they have the peace of mind that they are receiving quality products at best-value prices.

Please visit www.showcase-nec.com for more information.

About NEC Display Solutions

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH has its European headquarters in Munich, Germany and is responsible for all business activities in EMEA. NEC Display Solutions benefits from the technological know-how and technologies of the NEC Corporation and, with its own Research and Development, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers offering the widest product range of display solutions in the market. The display product portfolio ranges from entry-level to professional and speciality desktop LCDs, via large-size Public Displays for Digital and Retail Signage. The Projector range offers products for all needs, from portable devices via business projectors to products for permanent operation (such as PoS applications) and digital cinema projectors. Further information can be found at www.nec-display-solutions.com

About Nearly New AV:

Nearly New AV (NNAV) is a service for the trading of used AV equipment based in Reading, Berkshire. Operating since 2012, NNAV is fast becoming the recognised and valued brand for buying and selling reliable, innovative technologies such as video walls, large flat screens and projectors. A wide range of accessories such as input boards, brackets and flight cases are also available for purchase. The service is ideal for companies on a reduced budget, providing a viable alternative to more expensive new equipment.

Working with trade partners across multiple vertical markets in the UK, NNAV is committed to adding value back into their businesses and is developing new opportunities in emerging markets. Partners can take advantage of trade discounts and web-based tools to help them buy and sell quickly and safely. The NNAV support team helps manage the trading process and promises a response to web enquires within 24 hours with full details of product condition, availability and total cost. Any requests for used products not currently in the portfolio will be tended to and sourced from NNAV’s extensive supplier network where ever possible.

“Deals this good don’t last long” – to start buying or selling used AV equipment visit www.nearlynewav.co.uk or call: 0870 220 6628.

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