CradlePoint Solutions Power YESCO Digital Signage Networks

| March 26, 2013

CradlePoint Powers YESCO Digital Signage NetworksYESCO digital signs now connect with COR IBR600, WiPipe Central, and 4G

CradlePoint, the global leader in 3G/4G wireless networking solutions for distributed enterprises, is now powering the digital signs for YESCO, one of the world’s largest signage and digital outdoor display manufacturers.

“YESCO came to CradlePoint with requirements for a networking solution that was cost-effective, reliable, and flexible enough for the diverse locations of their signs,” said Ken Hosac, CradlePoint’s vice president of business development. “The CradlePoint COR IBR600 with integrated 4G provides the power and reliability necessary to operate YESCO’s connected digital signs. YESCO also uses WiPipe Central, CradlePoint’s cloud-based application and management platform, to manage each sign’s network remotely, improving productivity, increasing reliability, and enhancing the intelligence of their network and business operations.”

Many of the applications in YESCO’s signs require network connectivity, often in locations where wired Internet is impractical. YESCO needed a highly reliable networking solution that was small enough to fit in its signs, yet robust enough to power the network connectivity of the signs’ supporting functions like surveillance cameras, heat monitoring, and the security system.

“We make some of the largest digital signs in the world, so downtime is not an option,” said Justin Montalto, Network and Wireless Communications Administrator for YESCO. “The flexibility to connect with wired and wireless connections provides us and our customers with a sign that is network ready and easier to deploy.”

Using the CradlePoint COR IBR600 and WiPipe Central, CradlePoint’s cloud-based management platform, YESCO deploys network-ready digital signs for placement virtually anywhere. By taking advantage of WiPipe Central, YESCO can activate, configure, deploy, and manage the connectivity of signs from a central location, simplifying the customer experience and reducing IT costs.

“With WiPipe Central we have each sign’s network at our fingertips,” said Montalto. “We can configure and activate the CradlePoint routers as groups or independently. We have greatly improved the speed to deployment and the ability to troubleshoot once a sign has been deployed.”


Founded in 1920 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, YESCO designs, fabricates, installs, and provides ongoing maintenance for signage ranging from traditional vinyl and neon signs for small businesses to landmark digital signs like the largest digital sign in the world on the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas. In the 1930’s, YESCO made its mark by pioneering the creation of neon spectacular signs. Today, YESCO is at the forefront of creating network connected digital signage that is literally changing the face of advertising.

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