AOPEN Launches Digital Engine DE6100

| March 26, 2013

AOPEN Launches Digital Engine DE6100

For Enterprise-Quality, Rich Multimedia Applications

AOPEN, the leader in digital signage and appliance computing for enterprises, today announced the Digital Engine DE6100. The DE6100 is for those that demand the most advanced multimedia and computational workloads. The small and powerful system enables multi-display capabilities for cutting-edge digital signage applications.

AOPEN Digital Engine DE6100The DE6100 comes equipped with an AMD Embedded R-series accelerated processing unit (APU) Dual/Quad Core, allowing users superb versatility as they create and display innovative content on their signage network. With this processing unit, users will have access to high-end features such as:

●     Support for both Spanning (stretched desktop) and Extended Desktop on all connected screens using Eyefinity technology for up to three independent (Full HD) displays.

●     A Secure Asset Management unit that allows for GPU-assisted encryption/decryption of content, enabling less CPU overhead and lower power.

●     Enhancements to the Unified Video Decoder that extend the capabilities of the AMD Embedded R-Series APU platform to include high definition decoding with dual output and stereoscopic 3D.

●     Support for ultra HD resolution (4k) through display port.

Organizations will be able to feed content to three separate displays, allowing them to either create three different video feeds or a single video feed distributed across a three-panel display or three independent displays. Customers will not need to buy additional graphics port splitters; they are in the box ready to go.

Besides these powerful features, the unit has low power consumption and offers the best possible performance per euro. With organizations looking to strip costs out of their infrastructure, minimizing the power bill is a critical focus. With the DE6100, users will not need to compromise on their signage in order to keep those costs down.

“The DE6100 is the ideal system for high graphic performance; it fits in the same range as the best-selling DE7000,” said Gabriëlle Offringa, Marketing Manager at AOPEN. “Features such as the ability to run three channels at once and AMD Eyefinity technology supporting multiple independent display outputs simultaneously, drives the ultimate panoramic computing experience.”

The DE6100 has been designed for use in vigorous environments. It features the full suite of industry standard options; 2x USB 3.0 ports, 4x USB 2.0 ports, 1x Display Port, 2x HDMI ports, 12V support, Gigabit LAN and RS232 port. All this comes in a compact form factor that makes it perfect for signage solutions within retail, finance, hospitality, large enterprises and other major vertical markets with highly demanding signage needs.


AOPEN has been established for over 17 years, pioneering the ultra-small form factor PC and Commercial Appliances, for global electronics, information technology and communications (ICT) solutions. Its access to the parent group Wistron, with 2011 combined revenue of greater than 21 billion USD and operations in more than 100 countries, gives AOPEN a worldwide pool of expertise, combined with innovative systems and solutions to deliver added value to customers.

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