Signagelive showcases Samsung Smart Signage Displays controlled by Galaxy Note at Retail Business Technology Expo, London

| March 14, 2013

Signagelive at Retail Business Technology ExpoSignagelive, A global technology company that specialises in developing cloud-based digital signage applications, has been invited to join Samsung as a key launch partner for its new Smart Signage Platform at Retail Business Technology Expo, taking place at Earl’s Court, London from 13-14 March. Signagelive can be found on the Samsung booth situated in Earl’s Court 2, Stand No 844.

Signagelive has integrated Samsung System on Chip (SoC) technology into its core management software (written in HTML5) and to demonstrate its full commitment to Samsung’s new range of Smart Signage products, it will be showcasing an interactive digital signage application developed specifically for the retail market.

This new plug and play application, which comprises a range of preconfigured templates, enables high street brands to use Samsung LCD Displays in conjunction with a Galaxy Note Tablet to display highly targeted messaging to shoppers and allow them to select content they wish to view on the LCD DIsplay.

Retailers can, for example, use the larger screens (situated in store and/or at strategic locations throughout a shopping centre) to display key seasonal looks and use the Galaxy Notes as online product catalogues. Customers are able to browse the complete product range on the smaller screens and view different style combinations and videos incorporating a chosen item on to the larger screens, before trying it on or making a purchase.

No technical expertise is required and retailers can quickly set up high quality, interactive displays for different consumer groups, depending on age, sex etc and manage that content centrally or locally, using a Smartphone, laptop, tablet or remote control. The content can be displayed on different screen sizes and be scheduled to dynamically update, depending on factors such as seasonal offers, the weather or messages posted by fashion designers on Twitter, Facebook or other external sites.

Samsung next-generation Smart Signage products and Signagelive management software eliminate the need for onsite digital media players, resulting in significant cost savings from a hardware perspective. Samsung is promoting its new product range as a turnkey solution to retailers and to facilitate this, all displays, regardless of size, have been configured to support Signagelive applications as standard.

Applications are hosted on Signagelive’s high availability cloud platform and are supplied on a license-per-device basis, enabling retailers to display high quality content at the push of a button.

Signagelive’s core management software provides full support for different content formats including; rolling images, nested playlists, video streaming, IPTV, third-party party websites and Media RSS feeds. It also includes a number of innovative features such as drag and drop functionality, QR code support and management integration for widgets such as Twitter or Yahoo Finance.

Says Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive; “We are delighted to have been invited once again to join forces with Samsung at a major tradeshow. The retail industry is facing new challenges as a result of ecommerce. Our new application will enable leading brands to fully engage with their target audiences, build up a stronger brand following and convert consumer interest into sales.”

Samsung formally announced its collaboration with Signagelive at a press conference in Amsterdam on the 29th January. Signagelive launched its portfolio of applications to the North American market at Digital Signage Expo.

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